Tax Tracking


Comprehensive Property Tax Reporting and Tracking – Delinquency Property Tax Reporting

Comprehensive and Customized

Real Time, On Demand Reporting

Many other Tax Tracking companies offer once a year cycle reporting. Our service provides reports soon after the tax payment is processed at the county. You can also request a report any time you need it. On demand reporting is the most effective way to insure that critical delinquency loans are identified and protected before foreclosure actions are triggered by the county.

Clean Data Produces Accurate Reports

Precision Data Research tax experts will confirm, correct and verify all tax data: parcel numbers, addresses and owner names. Our report provides the corrected information to you– so all lender and PDR tracking data is clean and accurate.

  • Identify by year the tax and penalties due.
  • Provide county contact address and phones numbers.
  • Confirm and Validate payment of delinquent taxes
  • Track and update you immediately of high risk mortgage loans
  • Create customized mailing labels and delinquency letters for your delinquent customers, and format them for your letter head.
  • Accurate, verified and guaranteed property tax data. Convert your portfolio to our cost saving data tracking data base. PDR project management team is staffed by seasoned property tax professionals.
Delinquency Tax Reporting Returns the Following Tax Data
  • Property address
  • Delinquency and delinquent amounts
  • Payment status/Redemption date for sold tax liens
  • Current tax amounts
  • Open real estate taxes for a parcel(s)
  • Parcel number(s)
  • Unpaid taxes sold by the taxing authority
  • Final redemption date for sold tax liens
  • Assessment values
  • Existing exemptions
  • New levies assessed to a parcel

This service provides continuous delinquent tracking for none escrow residential and commercial mortgage portfolios. The service begins reporting immediately after the parcel scheduled tax payment due date and continues until the mortgage is paid.

Professional Support

PDR offers consistent and professional support for your real estate team. PDR’s experienced staff offers comprehensive customer service with phone support, client support for your tax team and follow-up training.

Our secure database is accessed via the web. This data interface provides your team with access to all tax tracking records. Once your team enters the borrower information and serves as the system of record. Once the tax track order reaches our office, our tax team will review the data and provide your team with any corrections.

PDR Tax-Track provides maximized efficiency and accuracy. Improved employee efficiency helps the lender avoid costly errors and decreases data entry time.

Protect your loan portfolio with guaranteed procedures to keep your institution in compliance with federal and compliance regulations.

  • PDR team of experts have over 25 years’ experience collecting and verifying data.
  • PDR has proven methods to find and correct any mistakes in lender data.
  • PDR provides personalized support and training for your real estate mortgage team.
  • We provide customized delinquency letters and mailing labels for your delinquent customers.
  • PDR’s accuracy and service level are consistent.
  • PDR provides up to the minute tax data ongoing reporting on demand.