Flood Zone Determinations

Precision Data Research has been providing flood zone certifications for over 20 years.

We’ve weathered many national disasters, and have never suffered a loss due to inaccurate flood zone reporting. We’ve performed thousands of automated and hand mapped determinations, with developed methods that insure accuracy. We have cultivated a team of professionals with a a broad base of credentials. Get answers quickly – Certificates can be generated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our online portal. Our bundles services secure portal allows your team access to data secure and encrypted from any location.

PDR flood zone determination and tracking insure compliance

Recent changes in flood zone regulations are sometimes difficult to understand and interpret, unless you have years of compliance and delineation experience, like our flood determination team.

Monthly flood positive reports provide current data to insure at risk properties have the flood insurance required. PDR provides life of loan tracking.

Notifications – Changes in flood maps are reported to you within 60 days of the change.

Instant updates – Receive automatic notifications of properties that are moved in or out of flood hazard zones.

Your customers will have access to AAA rated Flood Insurance through our flood insurance Company: Efloodquote.com. Our agents are licensed insurance brokers. We are able to provide your borrowers with a free flood insurance quote from various private insurers, as well as the National Flood Insurance Program. (NFIP) Please check out our flood insurance website at www.Efloodquote.com.

Why chose PDR for flood risk management?
  • Cost Effective Basic Flood Zone Determination
  • A guaranteed flood zone determination (FZD) that provides the required FEMA flood map and community participation status information.
  • Life-of-Loan Flood Zone Determinations- Expert tracking of your portfolio for map changes.
What makes PDR different?

Our Flood Zone Determination team has years of delineating specialized and difficult flood zone determinations. Our company has never suffered a loss due to inaccurate reporting. Our proven degree of accuracy is substantiated with the fact that none of our customers have suffered any loss from an inaccurate flood zone determination. Hand mapping is important and vital if your collateral involves a lot with multiple structures, or involves a lot with several structures. We are capable of offering comprehensive and low-cost solutions without compromising on quality.

PDR Customer support and compliance support is the best in the industry.

Our customers enjoy customer support that promises a live support staff to answer the phone and provide solutions or answer questions promptly. Our staff is equipped with current information regarding the Biggert Waters Flood Insurance Act,

We provide compliant, accurate, and efficient flood hazard determinations at the lowest possible price. Over 20 years of outstanding accuracy and service gives our customers the edge in compliance and technology.

PDR customers are able to access real time addressing and flood zone data and Census Track data and receive the determination within seconds. Our extensive database is updated regularly to reflect any FEMA changes and LOMA/LOMRs.

Compliance Protocol

Precision Data Research work is covered with a comprehensive AAA errors and omissions insurance policy. PDR guaranteed flood zone determinations (FZD) provides the required FEMA flood map and community participation status information.

A flood zone determination (FZD) that provides the required FEMA flood map and community participation status information. The FZD is monitored for FEMA flood map revisions and community participation status changes for the term of the loan to maintain compliance with federal regulations and secondary market guidelines. Additionally, our life of loan FZDs are transferable between servicers.

Worried about inaccuracies in your current portfolio?

Portfolio Review and Transfers PDR has reviewed hundreds of flood determination performed by other vendors that have been inaccurate. Inaccuracies in flood determinations expose the lender to non-compliance fees, loss of collateral and loss from litigation.

PDR will perform portfolio reviews for its customers upon request. A flood determination for each loan in a customer’s existing portfolio is provided and is then tracked for any flood map revisions for the life of the loan. Standard Flood Hazard Determination Forms are issued for properties that are located in a Special Flood Hazard Area.