Escrow Tax Service

Escrow Tax Service

PDR user platform provides instant access to your borrower’s tax information. Access to online escrow tax amount reports in time to pay installments.

PDR Escrow Service facilitates the lender in planning effectively. We provide escrow processing cut-off and reporting dates to insure proper payments.

PDR Escrow Service provides complete payment information Complete tax payment packages in required tax collecting agency format.

Our company provides agency contact information, payment requirements, due dates and delinquency dates to ensure timely payments.

PDR are experts in analyzing and correcting all data.

We provide regular updates – Receive updates on tax collecting agency changes to ensure you always make the correct payment to the correct agency. Process payments faster – We will acquire tax bills and amounts due and deliver them electronically to you.


PDR can manage all of your real estate tax servicing needs and significantly reduce your servicing costs with our Tax Outsourcing platform. We understand quality and control are essential to your business and we will help you meet all RESPA and CFPB tax audit requirements.

TAX OUTSOURCING – improve accuracy
  • Maintain control  All processing is completed within your servicing system and under your control.  You have complete visibility to monitor all activities at any time.
  • Reduced servicing costs  Your operating costs are significantly reduced or eliminated as your portfolio grows.
  • Industry expertise – Our Outsourcing Team has seasoned experience servicing prime and non-prime lenders and servicers nationwide.
  • Personalized service – We understand not all customers are the same and will work to meet your individual needs.
  • Tax Lines – Tax lines are built for all newly originated or acquired loans
  • On time payments – We will ensure all tax payments are made on time using your servicing system
  • Payment delivery – Tax payments are delivered to appropriate tax collecting agencies by the economic loss date
  • Refund processing – All refunds and returned checks from tax collecting agencies are researched and processed
  • Support you can count on – All tax related inquiries are researched and addressed using your servicing system
  • Escrow exceptions – All real estate tax related escrow analysis exceptions are reviewed and processed
  • Delinquent reporting – Tax amounts required to redeem delinquent taxes are reviewed and obtained from annual delinquency reporting
  • Tax sale notices – Tax sale notices are researched and processed to protect you and your customer
  • Tax lines – Tax lines are created and escrow accounts are established based on your business rules
  • Your rules – Your business rules guide the processing of taxes for loans in foreclosure, bankruptcy or REO
  • Support you can trust – Our team will research and respond to all tax research requests